I provide maths tuition in Bristol, Ham Green, Pill, Portishead, Nailsea and Clevedon.

I am a retired maths teacher. I live in Ham Green, Pill in Bristol. I obtained my mathematics degree from London University in 1972 and my Post Graduate Certificate in Education in 1974 also from London University. I have over 30 years maths teaching experience, most recently at St Brendan's Sixth Form College and Cotham High Scool.

I have an enhanced CRB police checked certificate and I am also registered with the General Teaching Council for England. I am a full time tutor and I can provide tuition either at my home or student's home. I have tutored GCSE and AS/A-level students in Ham Green, Pill, Portishead, Cleveland, Nailsea and Bristol.

My students and their parents are always extremely happy with their improved maths results. Students who have retaken their GCSE and AS/A level with me after leaving school or college made vast improvement in their grades.

I have taught the following levels and modules:

KS3, GSCE (New 1-9 Specification), AS/A2, Further Maths, Mechanics and Statistics


  • AS: Paper 1: Pure Maths, Paper 2: Statistics and Mechanics
  • A2: Paper 1: Pure Maths 1, Paper 2: Pure Maths 2
  • Paper 3: Satistics and Mechanics

Further Maths

  • Core Pure Maths 1 and 2, Further Pure Maths 1 and 2, Further Statistics 1 and 2, Further Mechanics 1 and 2


  • AS/A2: H230/01 Pure Maths and Statistics, H230/02 Pure Maths and Mechanics, H240/01 Pure Maths, H240/02 Pure Maths and Statistics, H240/03 Pure Maths and Mechanics
  • Further Maths AS/A2: Y531 Pure Core, Y532 Satistics, Y533 Mechanics, Y540 Pure Core 1, Y542 Pure Core2, Y542 Statistics Y543 Mechanics


Below is a recommendation from a student who studied at Gordano School, Portishead, Bristol:

'I was struggling to learn an extra AS in Further Maths at sixth form, whilst only having one fortnightly tutorial with my teacher. I decided to get a tutor and after finding Mr Rana's details i gave him a call to arrange a session once a week, he was so friendly and helpful, i felt completely at ease during our tutorials.

He'd always be willing to put in any extra effort to help you succeed, with plenty of extra resources like past exam papers and mark schemes. I could steer each lesson, towards areas that i found particularly problematic.

I was seriously worried about achieving the grades that i needed to get into to university in both mathematics and further mathematics, but with his help i managed to achieve an A in AS further Maths and an A in A-Level Maths. Now i am off to Southampton University to study for a maths degree.

His positive attitude and enthusiasm for the subject means that he can relate to and help anyone of any ability. This is why I would gladly and confidently recommend him to any one who needed extra help, especially within the area of mechanics. - Emily'

Below is a thank you note written by a GCSE student from Cotham School. He was predicted to get a D grade. He in fact he got a B grade and both his parents and he were elated by this result:

'Thanks so much Sharad. You've built my confidence in Maths hugely. I now feel happy to see my exam results for Maths. I will be sure to ring you with my results when they arrive. All the best for the future. Theo'

Henna got an E grade Foundation tier and after a year of tuition she got a C grade in the Intermediate tier. Below is her thank you text message:

"Hiya Sharad this is Henna from yate. I got my maths results today and I have passed with a C, I got 306 marks out of 480. Thank you for all your help. I reallydo appreciate it. Take care. Henna" (Yate)
Hi it's Emma, just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help! I got 96/100 in the Mechanics exam and an A overall. I'm doing what Emily did and taking up further maths this year so I might end up needing your help with Stats! (Potishead)
My daughter was struggling in GCSE maths and was finding it hard to understand. Although her teacher was helpful, she obviously needed to look after the whole class. I contacted Sharad and my husband and I were very pleased with the way he interacted with Sophie - he is endlessly patient and she found that she understood the concepts much better. Also, the fact that Sharad was able to come to the house to give the tuition made the arrangement much easier for us. Sharad helped Sophie's confidence and ability in this subject enormously. Sue (Long Ashton)
My son had been struggling with A level Maths having found it completely different from GCSE Maths. Sharad has given him a greater understanding of how Maths works and as a result he has gained a lot more confidence in the subject. Alex now enjoys Maths and is obtaining much higher results, this is all down to his tutor sessions with Sharad. I would like to thank Sharad for the time he has spent with Alex and would highly recommend anyone who is struggling with this subject to contact him. Alex got a B grade in his Maths A level. I don't think that would have been possible without your help.
& Joe Stephens
Just wanted to say big thank you for helping Will with his maths AS resits. In core 1 he got A and mechanics B this from a U last year! You gave him the confidence boost he needed so a big thank you. Sue Parrett (Felton)
Chris got 69marks for C3 and 40 marks for C4 in June 2008.. He decided to resit these modules in January 2009. He started tuition with me end of October 2008: Hi Sharad I thought you would like to know that Chris got his 'A' in Maths. He got 83 in C3 and 63 in C4 which was up by 37 points from his summer results (he needed plus 34). Cutting it a bit fine! Thanks for your help, best wishes. Fiona (Bakwell)
Hi sharad, I hope you are well. Just wanted to let you know I passed the exam. So UWE have accepted me on the PGCE course. Thank you for the support. Hana (St Pauls)
Hi, Sharad, Just emailing to let you know my results came today, here is what I got... Maths: B (Predicted C) Statistics: B (Predicted D) I am very happy with these results, and would not have achieved them without your help. Thank you very much for finding the time to tutor me. Regards, Kishan (Henleaze)
Hello Sharad! Just like to let you know that I passed my maths GCSE with a B and am really happy with the result, the second test was really hard so I was starting to lose hope. It was exactly a year since I started having your help and before that I was expected to get a D so thank you so much I couldn't have done it without you. Best wishes Christie. (Westbury on Trim)
Dear Sharad I wanted to write my own thanks along with Joshua. I am sure he has told you his news. I very much appreciated you being able to offer time to Joshua and at such a late stage of his 'A' level course. As a parent I only became aware of the situation of staff changes at his school together with the demands of course work in his other subjects in the run up to exams. If I was to offer advice to others I would certainly urge parents to check things out by the Christmas break! I knew you made a difference in even the short time you saw him. He was able to go through uncovered curriculum and more important his confidence and belief that he could achieve his necessary grade became apparent. I am sure the commitment and the ability to communicate your subject is the strength you offer together with the capacity to help students feel at ease. I would certanly recommend you to other parents who like me suddenly felt at a loss of how to support my child. I am so delighted I discovered you Thank you and best wishes Jude Brown
Dear Sharad Thank you so much for the help that you gave me over the last months of my a-levels. I was finding it difficult to keep up with the level of maths at A2 and although I enjoyed the subject I felt I wasn't getting the support from my 6th form. You helped my confidence with the exam material, and your clear ways of taking me through what information was important was great. In the end I achieved two A's in Art and Product design and a B in Maths. This meant I secured my place at the Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL. I know that I woudn't have achieved this withuot your help in Maths. I have decided to take a gap year to work and travel before heading to London next year. I would recommend your help to anybody studying maths. Thanks again for your help. All the best Josh (Knowle)
I tutored Tom in FP1, FP3, M3 and S3. We were delighted when he got his results and obtained a B in his further maths: Sharad Thank you so much for all of your help. Please leave your address so that we can let you know how Tom gets on. Thanks Jo Pollett (Henleaze)
I tutored Nicola in S3 Dear Mr Sharad I would like to thank you very much for tutoring my daughter Nicola. She has made good progress and she is very pleased with your tutoring lessons. I very much appreciate. thanking you Marie-ange Butt (Lockleaze)
I tutored Tim in M2, M3, FP1 & FP2. He got an A in his A-level Maths and a B in his Further Maths with an A in M2 and M3. Mr. Rana Thank you so much for all the help you have given Tim. It has so improved his confidence and ability. Thank you, with best wishes, Kevin, Sue & Tim Sudlow (Henbury)
Hi Sharad, You may not remember me but you helped my son Tim Sudlow get through his further maths a-level some years ago? Anyway I thought I better let you know that Tim has just graduated from Reading Uni with a 1 st in computer science and you definitely had a significant part to play in that because he was struggling with mechanics in particular. Thank you! Kevin Sudlow
Hi Sharad We are very pleased to tell you that Gemma got a B in her Maths exam , a result that she would never had achieved without your help. She is really pleased! Without your help she was only predicted a C/D in the lower foundation so all the hard work since last September has paid off tremendously. She got the following marks just in case you ' d like to know: M athematics B Module 5 – 264 marks ( ‘ a ' equivalent) Mathematics B – Grade B (equivalent to 456) Thank you once again for all your hard work with her. I ' m sure she wasn ' t the easiest of pupils but she came out shining! I would be delighted to recommend you to anyone needing that extra help . Best regards Gill Freeman
Hi Sharad I just wanted to let you know that Elena got her GCSE results today and we are thrilled that she has got a B grade which was undoubtedly assisted by the tuition you have provided over the past months. Many thanks for all your help and for giving up your Saturday mornings – very much appreciated by us and most definitely by Elena. Kind regards Jacquie Chewins (Backwell/Nailsea)
Hello Sharad, We just wanted to let you know that Hannah received a Grade B result for her GCSE Maths. She was delighted with this, as she has always found Maths a difficult subject. Many thanks for your hard work in helping Hannah through and we will be in touch when it comes to GCSE exams for our other daughter. Best Wishes Sarah Thorn (Clevedon)
Hi Sharad Hope you and yours are keeping well. I just thought I would let you know how Sarah got on in her maths exam. She got a B in the higher paper!!! and we are so proud of her. I am convinced that the lessons she had with you definately helped her attain this result, you increased her confidence in herself and explained things in a way that she could understand, thank you very much. Sarah got 2 A's 6 B's 2 C's and 1 D and has started doing sixth form and is studying English language, Physcology, RS and photography. Thank you again for all your help and we will definately recommend you. Take care Deb (Yate)
I tutored Shrutika in S1, S2, C3 and C4. Dear Mr Rana, My name is Shrutika Kulkarni and I study at the North Bristol post 16 centre doing my second year of A levels in French, Media and Mathematics. A level Maths has proved to be quite a problem for me this year unlike any other years of my education. Statistics in particular is something I'm finding quite hard to grasp. Embarrassingly enough I received a D in my S1 paper last year overall gaining a C in my AS level Maths. Since Maths has always been one of my strongest subjects throughout my academic life I decided to continue it to A2 despite my low grade but I've found it to be a hurdle this year as well. I am told that I grasp concepts well and quite fast too and therefore think that a tutor would help me tremendously in spite of the proximity to the exams. I would need tutoring in S1 and S2 mainly and would require multiple classes a week. Your site seemed interesting therefore I chose to contact you. I found your site through aplustutors.co.uk. Please revert back as soon as possible. Thank you very much, Shrutika Kulkarni Dear Sharad, I'm writing to thank you, I'm not aware of my results yet but I do know that I've got into my dream uni which means that I've score AAB or above and I have only you to thank since before I started your tuition classes I was standing with a D. So thank you, I really appreciate all the help and support you've given me in the past few months.... Shrutika (Redland)
I tutored Cal in C1, C2, C3, C4, S1, S2, M1, M2, FP1, FP2 and FP3 Hello Mr Rana I thought you would like to know about my results Math A, Physics C (1 mark short of B) and Further Math C (11 marks short of B). I got into Cardiff to do Computer Science. Thanks Again for all your help over the years and I hope to see you again soon Cal (Portishead)
I tutored Charlie in C4, FP1, and FP2. Dear Sharad, Thank you for your expert help and advice on A level maths. Having only three months to prepare for 6 maths exams was a daunting task made significantly easier with your help. I got an A. Could not have done it without you. Yours respectfully, Charlie Kind (St Pauls)
Sharad has been a patient and calm out of school maths tutor for our son in his GCSE year. He had been struggling to reach his predicted grade. Sharad proved to be a reliable and lovely teacher giving Isaac the quiet confidence to achieve his B grade. We would all highly recommend him. ‘Fiona Willis' – Cliftonwood
Dear Mr. Rana, I got some results yesterday. For my C2 retake, I got 80%, an improvement on my 65% last summer, raising my AS grade to an A. In my C3 exam, I got 84%. Hopefully, my C4 and M2 exams in May & June will go as well! Thank you very much for all your help so far. George. (Portishead) Dear Mr Rana, I achieved a grade A in my A level Maths. I will now be going to UCL to study Biological Sciences. Thank you very much for all your help. Best wishes, George
Hi Sharad, It has been a long time since we have spoken and I just wanted to know that you are well and in good spirit. I have tried to contact you before last year, but did not get a response. How is your daughter and son getting on? Is your wife well and still working in Bristol? I am now teaching Maths at Bristol Met and wanted to Thank you for all your help in understanding maths. Many of my students comment about my teaching, but I put it all done to a most excellent tutor who not only taught me how to understand what I was doing, but also how to teach it. Thank you, you are a wonderful man with the most calming spirit I have encountered in a long time or since. Warm blessings, Trevor Simpson (Montelier) (4) Just to let you know Ian did very well in all his exams and is now at sixth form. In his Maths he achieved a C (foundation) thanks for your help it made a big difference. Nikki (Clevedon)
Hello Sharad, Thank you so much for helping me succeed in my STEP maths exams; your tuition really helped me become more comfortable with the difficult questions. I found your explanations of how to tackle different topics very clear and illuminating and your kind and friendly manner made me feel at ease in tutorials. I also thought your experience as a teacher really shone through as you seemed to know exactly when to give me a hint or explanation or let me puzzle a little longer. I would definitely recommend you to friends who need help with maths, and I will remember our lessons when I start at Cambridge this September! Jamie (Bishop Sutton)
Hi Sharad, Hope you're having a lovely summer & you didn't have too many blisters from walking home from town! Jacob is absolutely delighted to have A* for Maths GCSE. Thank you very much for all your help. He would like some help with AS maths and I was wondering if you were able to come over end of next week? Many thanks again. Selena (Redland)
Dear Sharad I wanted to let you know that James got a B in his A Level Maths, which he is absolutely delighted with. A big thank you for the tutoring you gave James over the last year. You restored his confidence and increased his understanding of the subject and without your help I do not believe he would have been able to obtain this grade. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs extra help in A Level Maths. I will email you next week after his brother has received his GCSE result for Maths and hopefully will be able to arrange for you start tutoring him from September 2012 in A Level Maths (with Statistics). Thank you very much for your help. Regards Julia (Portishead)
Dear Sharad, I just want to thank you for your help, George received an A grade. Best Wishes, Sally Burton (Redland)
Hi Mr Rana, Sorry for not getting around to this sooner. See below recommendations from Mum and myself for your website. Please add our names if you would like to. From Seth Taylor: Easy to talk to, good teaching style, competent in all areas of the course and had new and useful methods for explaining maths concepts. Definitely helped me achieve the grades I was hoping for. From Jo Taylor: I truly believe our son would not have achieved his first choice university place without Mr Rana's dedicated and patient help. He reliably gave excellent additional one to one teaching which enabled our son to achieve a B in in A-level Maths and Mechanics when his school had predicted a C grade at best. Mr Rana always arrived promptly and was able to provide additional lessons very flexibly. He has a gently supportive teaching manner and provided all necessary materials for teaching and exam practise. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thanks so much again, Seth. (Redland)
Hi Sharad, This is Anna (you tutored me for my January core 1). I was just emailing to tell you that I got an A (86%) and to say thanks for the help! Anna (Knowle)
Hi It's Georgey, just wanted to say I got an A* in my maths A Level. 98/100 in core 4! Thank you so much for your help tutoring me. Georgey (Cotham)
Hello Sharad It's Haya here, your maths tutee! Just to let you know on our gcse grades! Abdulla got an A* in his maths and I got an A! Thank you very much for your help! We will contact you soon to let you know on when we can start tuition for A level. Best wishes Haya
Hi, I got my maths results! I got a B! Thank you very much for the helpxx Eleanor (Bishopston)
Hi Sharad Jacob got his results this afternoon & really pleased to tell you he got a B overall. C1 83, C2 70, M1 66. He is wondering wether it would be worth resitting C2 and M1 to boost his mark as he would like to aim for an A next year. Thank you very much for all your help & look forward to seeing you in September. Hope you're having a lovely summer. Selena & Jacob (Redland)
Hello Sharad This is just a message to thank you for the all the help you gave me with my maths tutoring. The grades were higher than the ones predicted for me. I got an A in both Mathematics and Further Mathematics and even though my physics grade was lower than I wanted, I have been offered a place at Glamorgan which was my first choice. I believe that the help you gave me was instrumental in improving my grades and I am just so glad to be going to the University of South Wales (formerly Glamorgan) as I truly believe that its style of teaching is by far the best suited for me. I will let you know how I get on, from September, when my course begins. Many thanks again for all your help. Thomas Britton (Clevedon)
Hi Sharad Just to let you know Alec got a C grade in his Maths AS level. He was really pleased with this so thank you once again for all your help and patience. Kind regards Julia (Portishead)
Hi Sharad, We thought you would like to know that Livvie passed her Maths at grade C and that we are all extremely grateful to you. Well done, an excellent job! All best wishes Steve and Kath Liddle
Hello Mr Rana How are you doing? I was just texting to say thank you for all the help and support in maths these past two years. I managed to get an A* in maths 100% in M2 and 98% in C4. I have been accepted by Bath University for mechanical engineering and couldn't have done it without your help so thanks again. Zak
I helped Oscar with IB Higher level maths Dear Mr Rana We just wanted to let you know that Oscar is absolutely thrilled with his maths result. He achieved a level 6 which is brilliant! Thank you so much for all your hard work. We are just waiting for Daisy's now! Daisy would like to do Maths A'level and is really hoping you will be able to continue to tutor her please? Many, many thanks again. With very best wishes Esther and John Hatfield
Hello Sharad, I'm just emailing you to let you know that I got a level 6 in maths! Thank you very much for all of your help- I am certain that without your help I would have got at least two grades lower! Hope you are well, thanks again. Regards, Oscar

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My email address is: sharad2001zw@yahoo.co.uk

My phone number is: 07968536302 or 01275374804

Please note that due to rising costs my tuition fee is now £30 per hour.