I am a full time tutor and since the pandemic I only offer online tuition via ZOOM. The prospective student is required to purchase a webcam that can be adjusted manually. In order to see what the student is writing, a right handed student needs to place the webcam on a stand near their left shoulder and the other way around if left handed

I have taught the following levels and modules:

KS3, GSCE (New 1-9 Specification), AS/A2 and Further Maths


AS: Paper 1: Pure Maths, Paper 2: Statistics and Mechanics

A2: Paper 1: Pure Maths 1, Paper 2: Pure Maths 2,

Paper 3: Satistics and Mechanics

Further Maths: Core Pure Maths 1 and 2, Further Pure Maths 1 and 2, Further Statistics 1 and 2, Further Mechanics 1 and 2


AS/A2: H230/01 Pure Maths and Statistics, H230/02 Pure Maths and Mechanics, H240/01 Pure Maths, H240/02 Pure Maths and Statistics, H240/03 Pure Maths and Mechanics

Further Maths AS/A2: Y531 Pure Core, Y532 Satistics, Y533 Mechanics, Y540 Pure Core 1, Y542 Pure Core2, Y542 Statistics Y543 Mechanics

I am a retired maths teacher. I live in Ham Green, Pill in Bristol. I obtained my mathematics degree from London University in 1972 and my Post Graduate Certificate in Education in 1974 also from London University. I have over 40 years maths teaching experience, most recently at St Brendan's Sixth Form College and Cotham High Scool.

I have tutored GCSE and AS/A-level students in Ham Green, Pill, Portishead, Cleveland, Nailsea and Bristol. My students and their parents are always extremely happy with their improved maths results.

Students who have retaken their GCSE and AS/A level with me after leaving school or college made vast improvement in their grades.

Sharad Rana

My email address is: sharad2001zw@yahoo.co.uk

My mobile number is:  07968536302 

Please note that due to rising costs my tuition fee is now £30 per hour.

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